• CBD MEDIC™ Active Sport Endurance Packs

    • Advanced relief for sports-induced muscle & joint pain
    • Can be applied before, during and after workouts
    • 10 ready-to-go, separately sealed recovery packets
    • Oil-based formula with 15% Menthol and 10% Camphor
    • 120mg of hemp-derived CBD oil per packet
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    Product Details


    CBD Medic Endurance Packs come with 10 single-use Active Sport recovery packets, providing fast & convenient pain relief on the go.


    Temporarily relieves aches and pains associated with sports and active lifestyles. Excellent for strains, muscle pulls, joint distress and general muscle soreness.


    Apply to affected area 3-4 times daily and massage gently into the skin for 30 seconds. Recommended areas of use include shoulders, arms, legs, and general torso.


    Active: 15% menthol, 10% camphor. Inactive: Beeswax (organic), clove oil, sorbic acid, cottonseed oil, eucalyptus oil, hemp extract*, jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil.

    *THC-free cannabinoid-rich hemp extract (CBD)

    About the Brand

    CBD MEDIC provides an entirely new class of products that combine the most advanced science with the finest organic and natural ingredients, engineered to deliver safe and powerful topical pain relief. Developed after years of extensive research, CBDMEDIC products are the first to secure Food and Drug Administration registration for a complete family of products infused with CBD.