• Functional Remedies FR Pro Hemp Oil

    3 reviews

    • Whole hemp plant infused with MCT oil for maximum absorption
    • Created using a proprietary method of gentle lipid infusion
    • Can be placed under the tongue or in food/drink
    • 1,000 mg full spectrum CBD per 30 mL bottle
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    Product Details


    Infused with organic MCT oil, Functional Remedies Pro 1,000 mg Full spectrum CBD oil tincture is formulated for maximum absorption. Perfect option for potent daily health boost and for promoting an immediate sense of body and mind balance.


    Each pipette dropper equates to 25 mg of CBD. Start with one dropper in the evening and adjust the dosage/time to best suit your needs.


    Proprietary blend of organic MCT oil, whole plant hemp extract and active phytonutrients.


    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using.

    About the Brand

    Made in Colorado, Functional Remedies creates the highest quality full-spectrum CBD and controls the entire process from cultivation to refinement. Their proprietary LipidTrans process utilizes the whole plant and all its phytonutrients to deliver an entourage effect for superior efficacy. As a result, Functional Remedies hemp oil products have been verified to deliver 400% more active beneficial phytonutrients for optimal wellness.

    Customer Reviews

    Can it come flavored?
    This hemp oil seems to do the trick for me and that is too help me in the morning get up out of bed as pain free as possible since I have deteriorating discs in lower back due to osteoporosis. The taste is rough. It is not rancid or anything, it just tastes so roughly herbaceous, earthy, harsh that I cringe when I put it under my tongue each evening. I have heard these oils can be flavored with peppermint EO or some other pleasant flavor like strawberry. Is this possible? If not, I will need to look for another brand. Otherwise, product is very good.
    Best on the market
    Been using Functional Remedies products for about a year. Haven't seen anything on the market yet that can match the quality of their CBD. Used to buy FR Pro from my doc until I found it on here at a better price.
    Foul odor, marginal results
    This hemp oil has an awful odor, like I might imagine a half-smoked cigar soaked in cooking oil. If you get past the terrible smell, the taste is worse. I took this help oil for nearly two weeks until I found another brand that seems stronger and certainly is not rancid-smelling.