Curagenics Collection


CBD for the people. Made Simple.

Maximize the benefits of your CBD.

Curagenics cutting-edge technology offers the highest bioavailability in the industry and maximizes the benefits of CBD with faster absorption, less degradation and higher potency. Absorbed in the mouth, Curagenics’ CBD strips bypass stomach acid and directly enter the bloodstream for fast, effective results.

Made from 100% organic industrial hemp, Curagenics innovative, proprietary purification methodology guarantees the highest purity of any hemp-derived CBD on the market.

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Maximum Absorption

Up to 6 times faster and 4-8 times more potent than oils, capsules, gelcaps and other ingestibles.

Minimum Degradation

Bypasses stomach acid and liver’s transformation of CBD into inactive compounds, where most of the potency is usually lost.

Organically Grown

Only sourced from farms with 100% organically grown hemp plants cultivated in Colorado, Kentucky and Hawaii.

Highest Purity

State-of-the art extraction technologies, with CBD consistently testing between 99.52% and 99.97% purity.


Disscolved in the mouth and absorbed directly into bloodstream for extremely fast, effective results.

Healthy, Not High

Does not contain pesticides, heavy metals, microbials or any of the psychoactive chemicals (THC) found in cannabis.