EndoSport Collection


Play Harder. Recover Better.

Enhance your game from the inside out.

Made in Colorado by Functional Remedies, the EndoSport product line was designed specifically for the everyday routines of athletes and active people to help promote homeostasis, support the body’s sleep system, and achieve mind and body balance for optimal performance.

Functional Remedies creates the highest quality CBD products and controls the entire process from cultivation to refinement. Using their proprietary LipidTrans infusion process, FR products preserve cellular bonds and utilize the whole plant, delivering up to 400% more beneficial phytonutrients.

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Superior Genetics

30 year legacy of crossbreeding hemp strains to produce the most nutrient-rich plants possible from genetically superior seeds.

Lipid Infusion

Created using a proprietary process that preserves natural cellular bonds and phytonutrient content without damaging the plant.

Whole Plant

Single origin, full spectrum hemp that delivers a powerful entourage effect, resulting in CBD products with enhanced therapeutic benefits.

Farm to Bottle

Entire process controlled from seed to farm to harvest to processing, following organic protocols every step of the way.

CBD Focused

Hemp specifically bred to be particularly high in CBD and other phytocannabinoids, while being particularly low in THC.

Verified Results

All products tested using multiple accredited, third-party labs to verify claims regarding nutrients and CBD levels.