Caliper CBD Swiftsticks


CBD Swiftsticks

Looking for a convenient way to get your CBD on the go with no measuring and no mess? Caliper CBD Swiftsticks deliver a perfectly precise, delicious 20mg dose of CBD and starts absorbing within 10 minutes. Just sprinkle on your tongue and let it dissolve.
Caliper CBD Dissolvable CBD Powder


Dissolvable CBD Powder

Caliper dissolvable powder provides a simple, convenient way to take CBD on the go with no measuring and no mess. Each single-dose packet contains precisely 20mg of flavorless CBD that mixes cleanly into any beverage or food, hot or cold.
Pouch containing 10 single-serve packets of NuLeaf Naturals CBD Hydration Drink Mix

NuLeaf Naturals

CBD Hydration Drink

Introducing NuLeaf's THC-free CBD Drink Mix, a hydration solution that goes far beyond ordinary water. Crafted with care, this innovative blend combines the power of CBD extract and electrolytes to tackle muscle fatigue and replenish your body's...