• Curagenics™ CBD Strips Peach Zing

    • Compact, convenient, dissolvable CBD strips
    • Dissolves under tongue delivering a precise dose
    • Absorbs directly into bloodstream for fast, effective results.
    • Up to 6x faster and 8x more potent than other cbd products
    • 25mg of organic CBD per strip. 10 strips per pack.
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    Product Details


    Curagenics Peach Zing CBD strips provide the most efficient delivery method, which allows for the highest potency and absorption. Dissolved in the mouth, the strips bypass stomach acid and directly enter the bloodstream for fast, effective results.


    Pain management, anxiety, insomnia, anti-inflammatory, nausea, workout recovery and more.


    Take a half or 1 full strip up to two times a day. Place under tongue, roof of mouth or in the cheek. Allow to fully dissolve in mouth for maximum effectiveness.


    Sodium alginate, cellulose fiber, CBD isolate 25mg, medium chain triglycerides, tapioca starch, sorbitol, water, glycerine, sorbitan stearate, sucralose, natural peach flavor, polysorbate 80, sucrose.

    About the Brand

    Curagenics cutting-edge technology offers the highest bioavailability in the industry and maximizes the benefits of CBD with faster absorption, less degradation and higher potency. Made from 100% organic industrial hemp, Curagenics innovative, proprietary purification methodology guarantees the highest purity of any hemp-derived CBD on the market.