Functional Remedies Synchronicity PRO Hemp Oil Roll-On

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  • Formulated exclusively for wellness practitioners
  • Whole-plant hemp oil goes above and beyond CBD
  • Carefully crafted from phytonutrient dense plants
  • aromatherapy oil; so much more than CBD.
  • 250mg hemp phytonutrients per 20 mL bottle
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Product Info

Focus on relaxation with this aromatherapy oil infused with Full-Spectrum hemp and soothing botanicals. Ideal for body workers, massage therapists, or anyone looking to unwind after a stressful day. The Synchronicity PRO line of products offers the quality assurance and peace of mind of consistent third party testing.

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Functional Remedies
Key Ingredients:
Proprietary blend of coconut oil infused full-spectrum hemp oil, grapeseed Oil, lavender essential oil, orange sssential oil, vitamin E oil, cedarwood oil, chamomile oil, black pepper.
Gently massage into scent responsive areas of the body like the temples, neck, and behind the ears.
Helps aid in relaxation, muscle tension and soreness, and overall health.
Cannabinoid Profile:
Whole Plant-Based, sustainably grown, produced and bottled in Colorado.

About the Brand

Made in Colorado, Functional Remedies creates the highest quality full-spectrum CBD and controls the entire process from cultivation to refinement. Their proprietary LipidTrans process utilizes the whole plant and all its phytonutrients to deliver an entourage effect for superior efficacy. As a result, Functional Remedies hemp oil products have been verified to deliver 400% more active beneficial phytonutrients for optimal wellness.

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