HempLucid TRIPS Nootropic Gummies

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  • Blue lotus extract + nootropic microdose extracts
  • Explore new dimensions of wellness & happiness
  • Amplify euphoric neural pathways
  • Similar to effects of microdose mushroom products
  • Delicious Berry Blast Off flavor
  • 5 packs of 2 gummies (10 gummies total)
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Product Info

Unleash your mind's potential with HempLucid TRIPS Gummies, the ultimate nootropic indulgence. Each gummy is meticulously crafted with a proprietary blend of nootropics and the mystical blue lotus for a calming, creative, uplifting experience. Whether you want to enhance your at-home productivity or elevate your night out, TRIPS is your go-to companion for bliss and happiness.

These are not just any gummies; they're a revolutionary leap in the world of microdose nootropics. Experience the blissful blue lotus and blast off to a new level of spiritual and mental well-being.

Ingestibles, Gummies
HempLucid, LLC
10 gummies
Can boost mood and help enhance cognition, creativity, and focus.
Take 1 gummy for a low-dose (beginner) experience or 2 for a medium dose. Use at home or in an appropriate setting.
Key Ingredients:
Proprietary blue lotus nootropic blend, natural berry flavoring.

About the Brand

HempLucid has been a trailblazer in the world of premium wellness products since 2016. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, HempLucid stands as a beacon of quality and compliance in the hemp-derived CBD industry. With the prestigious USDA Organic certification under its belt, HempLucid sets the standard for purity and integrity.

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