Kiara Repair & Rebuild Cream

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  • All-in-one formulation for skin repair
  • Crafted in the Swiss Alps
  • Helps minimize blemishes and scarring
  • Recommended for C-section scars, acne scars, etc.
  • Ideal option for home first aid
  • 1,000mg CBD content per 30mL bottle
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Product Info

Kiara Naturals Repair & Rebuild cream is a unique formulation of hemp extract and medicinal plants clinically proven to disinfect wounds, promote skin repair, and minimize blemishes and scarring.

Kiara Naturals AG
30mL (1oz)
Helps disinfect wounds and promote skin repair associated with tattoos, burns, cuts, and scars,
Apply a generous amount and allow it to be absorbed naturally. Wash hands following use, and repeat as needed throughout the day.
Key Ingredients:
Aloe vera gel, stellaria media, hypericum, CBD oil, obliphica, echinacea, coptis, vitamin-e, lavender and boswellia.
Cannabinoid Profile:
Certified Organic Swiss Hemp grown in the Swiss Alps. Free of pesticides, heavy metals, and artificial fertilizers.

About the Brand

Kiara is more than just a plant extract company. It's a family business in the Swiss Alps that has been formulating cannabis and plant-based remedies since 2005. Headquartered in Appenzell, Switzerland, Kiara is devoted to the mission of providing potent, high-quality CBD products that utilize some of the most therapeutic natural remedies on earth.

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